Are the stain colors permanent?

Yes they are!

How much maintenance is required?

Vacuum and wet mop as needed. Apply an acrylic wax if additional sheen is desired.

Can sidewalks or porches be stained?

Yes, but a different seal coat is applied due to moisture possibilities.

Does the concrete ever crack?

Yes, hairline cracking may occur. These are not structural and are part of the character of concrete. This may also enhance the effect of your acid stained floor.

Does the concrete stain or is it waterproof?

The concrete is sealed making it water and stain resistant.

Can you put hot pans on the counter?

Yes, counter can have hot pans placed on them, however we do suggest you not put extremely hot pans on top, because it may deteriorate the sealant.

Can you cut directly on the counter?

No, it will not hurt the concrete but may leave a mark on the sealer.

How do you clean it?

We suggest any natural nonabrasive cleaners (Simply Green or similar) and paste waxing regularly. We recommend you treat your counter tops once a month with a paste wax or olive oil.